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Question:Why can't my friends upload files any faster than 32 KB/s to my server?!?

Well, since the beginning of broadband in the US, providers have been incrementally increasing the bandwidth delivered to customers; but only for downstream (aka Downloads).

Upstream is often capped by ISPs to anywhere from 128 KBit/s to 1024 KBit/s (1 MBit/s). This will affect upload speeds, even though the line is cabable of downloading multi-megabit/sec.

BandwidthPlace Speed Test
The only way to know for sure, is to test the speed of your connection.

If your connection speed is just too slow, contact your ISP. In many cases, they can provide higher speed service to allow faster transfers.


Unfortunately, there's no way for BulletProof FTP Server/Client to circumvent this cap, as it's being limited at the lowest possible level in the TCP/IP protocol.

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